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It's nobody's business but yours . . . And don't you want to keep it that way? Right now, Windows is storing hidden records of everything you are doing on the Internet. Do you want your boss, kids, or spouse to see those records? Protect your privacy, family, job, business, and anything else you want to keep private - remove and erase your tracks with neteraser Internet Eraser, the ultimate privacy tool.

NetEraser is an Internet Eraser, Privacy Protector and System Optimizer. NetEraser is a browser history eraser, internet search history eraser, internet search engine eraser, address bar eraser, google history eraser, yahoo history eraser, msn history eraser, internet web eraser, porn files eraser, PC history eraser, windows history eraser and much more.

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Main Features:

Internet Browser History Eraser

Address Bar History Eraser

Internet Browser Cache Eraser

Internet Browser Cookies Eraser

Junk Files Eraser

Dead/Invalid Shortcuts Eraser

Internet Search History Eraser

Duplicate Files Eraser

Media Player History Eraser

Real Player History Eraser

Porn Tracks Eraser

Delete Files Permanently

Google Search History Eraser

Yahoo Search History Eraser

MSN Search History Eraser

Support Opera, Firefox and Netscape

Password Protected

NetEraser Internet Eraser Solutions

  • NetEraser Internet Eraser allows you to scan your PC for porn related tracks from your hard drive and all popular browsers and delete them with one click using itís strong image detection algorithm, Every file/mage/picture you view or browse gets downloaded in to your PC without you knowing it, also note that many banners and images on websites have programming script to secretly download in to your PC without you clicking on them
  • NetEraser Internet Eraser allows you to delete your IE Internet History files one by one, you donít need to delete all your history files, sometimes itís convenient to have IE AutoComplete Url's you perviously visited by just typing the first letter or two from the URL you want to visit rather than tying the entire URL all over again, NetEraser also supports Opera, FireFox and Netscape.
  • NetEraser Internet Eraser allows you to delete your IE address bar history one by one, you donít need to delete all your address bar history, sometimes itís convenient to have IE keep the most frequently visited URL in your address bar fro quick access, deleting all your address bar history will force you to retype them all over again from scratch, NetEraser Internet Eraser will let you delete only the ones you donít want others to know about, NetEraser Internet Eraser also supports Opera/FireFox and Netscape.
  • NetEraser Internet Eraser allows you to delete your IE cookies one by one, cookies are files that gets downloaded secretly to spy on your personal information and website activities. Not all cookies are bad though, some for example remembers the passwords for your frequently visited web sites that require passwords, deleting all your cookies will force you do retype them all over again, Just delete the ones you donít need, NetEraser Internet Eraser also supports Opera/FireFox and Netscape
  • NetEraser Internet Eraser will delete files permanently with itís shredder feature, many readily available tools on the net make it possible to retrieve deleted files.
  • NetEraser Internet Eraser will clear all your search history for Google/Yahoo and MSN toolbar search history. It also clears browser search bar history.
  • NetEraser Internet Eraser is Password Protected, only you can access the software and itís features
  • NetEraser Internet Eraser has two hot keys that allows you to Close or hide/unhide IE windows quickly for more privacy
  • NetEraser Internet Eraser will erase windows search and run history, which is stored in secret files that canít be deleted manually
  • NetEraser Internet Eraser will erase the cache folders for IE/Opera/FireFox and Netscape which stores a copy of all your Url's you have visited
  • NetEraser Internet Eraser will Erases Index.Dat files which stores encrypted information about your internet surfing activities, even if you clear you Browser History, traces and tracks of all the visited urlís are kept in to these files. These files are hidden and canít be deleted manually .
  • NetEraser Internet Eraser allows you to disable the IE AutoComplete and AutoSuggest option which prevents IE from auto completing a URL when typing the first few letters in the address bar.
  • NetEraser Internet Eraser is also a great software tool to help people with porn addiction problems to wipe and clean their PCís from pornography and objectionable contents

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